What We Do


Green Vision specializes in boutique high-grade residential and multi-purpose property development in prime locations of Yangon and other cities in Myanmar. Currently we are developing high-grade modern  and service apartments in prime residential areas, and office buildings  in downtown Yangon. We are also in the design phase of hotels, eco-resorts and villas in beautiful locations in Myanmar.

It is our objective to make a significant impact in the supply end of the real estate market by building new homes, office spaces, hotels, eco-resorts or villas, at the same time establishing partnerships with land owners and co-investors for further expansion of our business model and for mutual benefits.
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There are a number of experienced construction firms in Myanmar, each specializing in a particular sector/ phase of construction such as structure, interior design, M&E, surveys and soil testing, etc. Our role in construction management is overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to end, We bring together the best from each sector of construction to ensure efficient, on budget and on schedule building completions that meets our client’s requirements. This entails laying out and management of a master plan together with architectural drawings, which details a time schedule and management plan, quantity surveys and norm estimations, bidding of sub-contractors phase by phase according to their specialty, quantity and quality assurance, developing communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts, etc.
It is our objective to deliver high quality construction management services that are at the interface of international standards and expectations, and local practices.
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Property management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate. Consequently to the ongoing economic reforms and market penetration of international standards, expectation of high quality services have now raised to unprecedented levels in Myanmar. Our Company sees there an opportunity in ensuring high quality property management services of the properties and real estate products we develop. Beyond ensuring a management continuum from construction through operations, it also allows to mainstream experiences acquired from a property management service back into the property development activity of the Company. This ensures us that we are always user minded for all the product we develop, which will in return maximize their success.

We operate the Serviced apartments and office tower that we developed. We also retain management of the condominium we manage.
It is our objective to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and maintain the value and attractiveness of our properties.
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