At Green Vision we believe that development does not need to happen at any cost. Myanmar is emerging from decades of isolation that have somewhat protected it from some negative aspects of modern development. Now that Myanmar is opening to the World, it has the opportunity to direct development toward a sustainable path, learning from good and bad examples from around the world. At Green Vision we believe in this opportunity.

Green Vision was founded to promote sustainable business practices. Construction is the sector of the economy that consumes the biggest share of natural resources and energy. Now that climate change appears to be widely accepted as a fact, we must address the issue by developing and promoting business practices that minimize environmental footprint.

We at Green Vision are committed to introducing, using and promoting innovative technologies that will decrease the environmental impact of construction.  Being a relatively young company in an emerging market, we are starting with a blank canvas. Currently we are investigating the following areas:


  • Alternatives to using wood in construction;
  • Support  sustainable forestry and trees plantation;
  • Recycling and reclaiming woods;
  • Energy efficient lighting and appliances;
  • Passive designs;

Our aim is to give our customers the opportunity to work or live in high quality, sustainable environments that not only preserve Green Myanmar but also actively promote and develop our Green Vision throughout Myanmar and beyond.