Property Management

“Property management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate”.

At Green Vision, we see Property Management as a natural extension of our core activities Property Development and Construction Management. We deliver high quality buildings that satisfy our clients. Retaining the management of real estate products we develop is a way for us to ensure the quality of our product over its lifetime. We believe that the continued client satisfaction and building maintenance is a natural part of our mission as a sustainable property developer.

Our current portfolio of property management projects is:

Serviced Apartments; we manage 2 boutique buildings in Golden Valley, Kokkine serviced apartment and Inya Myaing Residences; more are in planning stage; visit our Serviced Apartment Project pages for more details;

Office tower: we manage the Parkside One office building through a subsidiary Company called YPM – Yangon Property Management.

As a Property Manager, we ensure:

  • Marketing activities,
  • Finding, managing and retaining tenants,
  • Handling maintenance and repair issues.

We take pride in making the words “customer service” the core of our management practice, making sure that our tenants are always satisfied with our properties. We also take pride in maintaining our properties in a way that bring value to the communities, to the urban landscape.

Other Services

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