Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility – From CSR to Sustainability Strategy


Since its incorporation, Green Vision’s main focus has been the design and construction of high quality developments. We are now an established and credible business partner so the next step in our development is to fully develop and realize our sustainability strategy.

Our strategy will focus on across two main axes:

Creating Sustainable Living:this will be implemented through the development of Green Buildings which take the local environment into account. Not only will this create a comfortable living environment for users, it will also decrease our impact on the environment locally and globally.

Operating a Sustainable Business: this will be implemented through the adoption of adequate international standards, policies & procedures as well as of adequate controls to measure the efficiency of implementation. Integration of adequate KPIs to the annual report of the Company will close the loop.


Rational: why develop & implement a Sustainability Strategy?

  • Recently Myanmar was ranked as the 2nd most affected country by climate change - from 1993-2012 - according to the Global Climate Risk Index 2015. Although Myanmar is a developing country, it did not contribute much to CO2 emissions.
  • The cement sector alone accounts for 5% of global man-made CO2 emissions.
  • Transport of heavy materials such as cement is energy-intensive; in Myanmar, since most construction materials are imported, the impact of the construction sector is increased dramatically;
  • The chemical processes and use of fuel/electricity account for the major portion of the sector’s CO2 emissions.
  • On-site construction of buildings is relatively low-impact, mainly energy use; influenced by choice of building materials, construction techniques, and modes/ distances of transportation.
  • The maintenance of buildings is higher impact due to significant energy use (esp. heating, lighting); new building regulations impact on requirements for maintenance and demolition.

CSR versus Sustainability Strategy…
Corporate Social Responsibility is, at best, only a partial solution — one which can be misused to create an illusion of responsibility.
Leading companies already are going way beyond CSR by integrating sustainability into everything they do in recognition that business cannot succeed if society fails. We are urged to innovate — to align with facts, to redesign what we mean by good performance and to get inspired by new definitions of success.